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Belle and Beau

School Formal

From the desirable 'Best Dressed' award to the super cute 'Miss Congeniality' and everything in between, we've got you covered!


Best Dressed (female and male)

Belle of the Ball

Beau of the Ball/ Gent of the Ball

Cutest Couple

Miss Congeniality

Future Entrepreneur

Dancing Queen


Future Popstar​


1-5 sashes = $15 each

6-9 sashes = $12 each

10+ = $10 each

Price from $10

Optional extras:

Metallic Print $3 per sash

Tassels $3 per sash

Coloured Trim $5 per sash

All prices exclude postage

Clicking the above button will open your email to send your order through to us - alternatively you can email your order to

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